Welcome to the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Network.

Bringing together SStS Alumni and Partners in an effort to inspire and support ethical leadership.

About Us

The SSN is an evolving community of SStS alumni and key partners in education, business, philanthropy, and nonprofit. The SSN uses three core principles to inspire its members as ethical leaders:

1) Networking, 2) Education, 3) Engagement in global citizenship and ethical leadership

Why Join?

Join the SSN:

-Foster relationships with fellow members of the SStS community through networking opportunities provided by an online platform and yearly events, regionally, nationally, and eventually internationally.

-Be among leaders from NGOS, schools, businesses, and connect with alumni in college and early careers.

-Contribute to SStS goals to generate unique contributions to the world, to share ideas and practices expressing global citizenship and ethical leadership. The SSN inspires its members to engage the values of global citizenship and ethical leadership through personal and/or professional life.

-Access educational opportunities through online special interest groups, self-generated regional events, and national forums.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to our Alumni and SStS Partners-- NGOs, Business Partners, Donors, School Partners-- for making our organization the strong and dynamic one it is today. Let's keep learning from each other.